Monday, October 2, 2023

A group of tourists were captured running in the direction of and appearing to startle a mother bear and her cubs at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.

South Carolina resident William Brice Spencer was on vacation at the national park when he began to film the bear family from a safe distance.

According to Spencer, the people were “sprinting towards a mama black bear with two cubs.” His video shows the bears ignore the traffic until several occupants of one vehicle, including a man carrying a child, run along the road. As the group approaches, the bear and cubs flee the scene.

Speaking to Storyful, Spencer said the bears then ran over some nearby hills before a park ranger arrived and ordered everyone back to their vehicles.

Patrons at Yellowstone National Park are advised to keep at least 100 yards away from bears and never approach them to take a photo. Credit: William Brice Spencer via Storyful

Video Transcript

Oh my God. These people are [INAUDIBLE].

Please get back to your vehicle.


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