Monday, October 2, 2023

I’m chronically online, so consider me someone who browses Twitter for you, and curates the best stuff. Here are 14 of the funniest fail moments on Twitter from the past week:

1. This weirdly friendly interaction that made me feel…old???

told my 20 year old coworker I was 25 and he said “oh shit so you were alive during 9/11? respect” and dapped me up. i love him

— i hate you eric adams (@sonyashea3) August 11, 2023

Twitter: @sonyashea3

2. Somehow still not Trump’s most cartoonish moment:

Twitter: @sausagehobbit

3. This poor cat’s huge ears:

Twitter: @ilovefamiIyguy

4. This lunch. On one hand, I get it. On the other hand, what are you doing?:

Twitter: @The_sigma_fem

5. This moment where Elon…thought honey was alive?:

it is amzing how twitter has outed this revered genius as a man who is actually just slightly dumber than average

— sheikh zubeyr, author of al-easifatan (@revhowardarson) August 11, 2023

Twitter: @revhowardarson

6. This aggressively French moment:

Twitter: @acidicjews

7. This moment where a swiftie mixed up Olivia (Taylor Swift’s cat) with Olivia (Rodrigo):

Twitter: @swifferstruggle

8. This bus companionship moment. Awkward, but cute:

guy said ‘yo it’s here’ to me as the bus came

— picardie aurora (@picardie_aurora) August 10, 2023

Twitter: @picardie_aurora

9. This airplane fail turned into, like, the weirdest cool moment:

my flight to london was underbooked so they cancelled it and are now making us leave, get our bags, check back in, go back through security, and return for a smaller plane. and by “us” i mean (not a joke) me and the professional actor peter dinklage

— ASYA (@femmecamp) August 10, 2023

Twitter: @femmecamp

10. This superstitious car (would you feel safe in this Uber):

Twitter: @sovietsoleri

11. Another extremely French moment. Kind of real of him:

Twitter: @aquaimperium8

12. This (poorly translated?) Halloween sign that TBH every zoomer would buy:

Twitter: @SammyHain

13. Nixon swimming:

Twitter: @RuNoseP

14. And finally, this moment that proved that kids say the darndest things:

Kid: “I wanna go back to Europe!”Dad: “We can’t, buddy. It’s time for real life.”Kid: “No! Life here isn’t real!”

— Overheard (@realoverheardla) August 7, 2023

Twitter: @realoverheardla

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