Saturday, September 23, 2023

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., raged on Wednesday after Fox News prevented her from taking part in a post-GOP debate event on behalf of former President Donald Trump. The right-winger told Right Side Broadcast host Brian Glenn, who is also her boyfriend, that the network denied her entry to the spin room as a surrogate for Trump because he had decided to skip the debate, accusing the network of “censorship.” Fox News “just blocked us out,” she complained in a clip flagged by Raw Story. “They would not allow myself, Matt Gaetz, any other Trump surrogates to go into the spin room… So this is censorship from Fox News. This is censorship, not allowing surrogates for President Trump to go into the spin room… I’m still so mad that we just were blocked out. I literally am furious.”

Donald Trump Jr. also told reporters he was banned from the room after initially being told he could enter. The former president’s eldest son later echoed Greene’s complaint in an early Thursday social media post, accusing Fox of “trying to censor and silence Trump supporters to protect their hand-picked establishment candidates,” calling it a “big reason why their ratings are dying.”

Fox News had previously informed campaigns that only surrogates of candidates attending the debate would be allowed entry, according to a copy of the memo obtained earlier this week by The Hill. It also noted that surrogates of non-participating candidates were able to attend as a guest of one of the cleared media organizations, using their credentials. Several other Trump surrogates, including Gaetz, were able to gain access to the spin room, according to on-the-ground reports from Semafor.


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