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You can financially secure your house with a few different insurance alternatives, regardless of whether you’re a first-time homeowner or have been paying off your mortgage for some time. If you recently purchased a house, you could have just gotten an offer for mortgage protection insurance in the mail. It can appear to be from your lender or take the shape of a postcard.

Life Insurance vs. Mortgage Protection Insurance 2022

There is a difference between life insurance to cover your mortgage in the event of your death and mortgage protection insurance, sometimes known as mortgage insurance. Here are what they are and how to choose one to purchase.

Although they exchange signals, MPI and private mortgage insurance are not the same (PMI). When using a traditional mortgage and a down payment of less than 20%, PMI is necessary. The PMI decreases after you reach 20% equity, but it still protects your lender in case you default on your mortgage.

Term life insurance explained

Life insurance is rather easy to understand. It is an insurance policy that provides tax-free death (or interest) benefits if you pass away within the insured term, which is often a specified amount of time (or length), such as 15, 20, or 30 years.

The death benefits can be used in any way, including to pay off a mortgage, cover your children’s tuition bills, or pay for last expenses. The premium (the sum you pay for the policy) and the payout often stay the same during the course of the term.

You could have enough coverage under your current life insurance policy to pay off your mortgage.

Mortgage Protection Insurance: An Explanation

When a home is bought or refinanced, the details of the transaction are made public. As a result, offers for Mortgage Protection Insurance may soon arrive in the mail.

With Standard Mortgage Protection Insurance (MPI), if you pass away while making mortgage loan payments on your house, the MPI is designed to settle your remaining balance with the mortgage lender. Some insurance cover your mortgage payments in the event that you become handicapped, get critically ill, or lose your job.

Your mortgage insurance payment decreases as your debt grows. Your insurance premium, however, frequently remains the same. Your age, health history, the value of your property, and the amount you still owe will all be considered when determining the premium (amount) you will pay for mortgage protection insurance.

Some of the mortgage insurance offers you get can be well taking into account. For instance, if you are a service member or veteran with a disability linked to your service and make modifications to your house, Veterans Mortgage Insurance may pay your mortgage for up to $200,000 in the case of your death. Direct information on this kind of insurance is available from the US Department of Veterans Affairs.

Other offers can originate from less reliable sources that might utilize any personal information you get for identity theft. Additionally, fraudsters could try to coerce you into making a purchase by posing as your lender or using words like “final notice” or other formal-sounding phrases. Others just cover accidental deaths, even though statistics show that deaths from natural causes are more prevalent.

When looking for a mortgage, a lender may make you various offers referred to as “credit life insurance.” The FTC advises inquiring extensively about this insurance. If you’ve been told you can’t receive a loan without credit insurance, report lenders to the Federal Trade Commission, the state attorney general, or the state insurance commissioner.

Mortgage Protection Insurance versus Life Insurance

According to Bob Fee, head of the Kansas-wide fee insurance organization, mortgage protection insurance is intended to cover mortgage payments in the event that a person becomes handicapped and is unable to work, loses their job, or passes away. However, for most people, it is not generally the greatest choice.

According to the majority of conventional life insurers, purchasing a 20 or 30-year life insurance policy with disability insurance makes more financial sense than purchasing a short-term policy.”

“Your beneficiaries receive $200,000 in full regardless of what you have left to pay on your mortgage if you purchase a $200,000 life insurance policy for 30 years and you pass away in [year] 15,” he added. just to meet the demands of the mortgage company.”

When presented with proposals for mortgage protection insurance, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) advises caution. Many homeowners, according to the CFPB, are “better off” with basic life insurance since it is more affordable and adaptable.

in the end

Check carefully when contemplating life insurance to shield your mortgage from unreliable lenders or lenders who could be engaging in dishonest business activities. Look elsewhere for mortgage protection insurance or take into account another form of protection if there are several grievances and worries.

Life insurance may be a wiser purchase if you want to ensure that your family is protected outside of your house. The money may be used for expenses other than your mortgage.

remover’s key

Ask the following questions before buying mortgage protection insurance:

  • Is the insurance provider authorized to operate in your state by the department of insurance?
  • What is a company’s Better Business Bureau rating?
  • How are businesses rated on Yelp and other review websites?
  • Can you produce documentation of your company’s address and license? How long has the company been in existence?
  • Does the offer letter make any threats against you or request any of your personal information?
  • Does the insurance coverage solely cover accidental deaths, or does it also cover deaths from other causes? 


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