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Making sure your housing situation is settled is an essential part of an expat’s journey to France, including home insurance. Between the different types, costs and application process, in this guide we will give you everything you need to know about home insurance in France.

This guide reviews what home contents insurance (housing insurance) is, how to choose the type you need and suits you, and the application process.

This guide includes the following points:

  • Introduction to home contents
  • insurance Types of home contents insurance in France
  • Costs of home contents insurance in France
  • How to choose home contents insurance in France
  • Apply for home contents insurance in France
  • How to file a home contents insurance claim in France
  • Cancel a contract or Changing an insurance company in France
  • • Holiday home insurance in France

1) Introduction to home contents insurance

As with all insurance companies in France, the Banque de France is the official regulatory body. Generally, home contents insurance insures your possessions against a range of things, depending on the type of insurance. It may include, among others:

★ Damage caused by water theft to third parties on your property

Legally, if you rent an unfurnished home, you must get home contents insurance; If you own your own home, it is not mandatory unless it is a shared building.

2) Types of home contents insurance in France

There are two main types of home contents insurance, as described below. However, keep in mind that different insurance companies may evaluate claims in different ways and may have different content in typeface – so be sure to be an “educated customer” before signing any papers and reading the terms of the insurance contract carefully.

★ General Liability Insurance

General liability, or third-party home insurance, covers a few different scenarios. They include:

• If there is a third party on your property who suffers an accident or injury.

• If someone in your family has caused damage to nearby property by mistake or negligence.

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General liability insurance is absolutely essential because it does not cover you, your family, or your private property. It also does not cover illegal activities, intentional acts of destruction, or animal corrupting property.

Keep in mind that the law states that those who rent unfurnished housing must have general liability insurance that covers damages to property and third parties.

★ Multi-risk home insurance

Multi-risk home (MRH) insurance is not mandatory. However, it is the most common form of home insurance, as it is very comprehensive. MRH insurance covers the following:

Domestic property (clothing, furniture, etc.) against a range of damages, including theft, water damage, fire, natural disasters, and other accidental damage to others caused by you and those you live with, and accidental damage to the building you live in (for tenants) .

Different insurance companies have different policies on what they will not cover. Some may not cover accidental damage to your own property, while some may not cover unoccupied property of parts of the home.

★ Securing property and contents

Some insurance companies will bundle property (for homeowners) insurance and home contents insurance. If you own your own property, inquire about discounts on liability, property, and contents insurance that insurance companies may offer. You may even be able to get insurance for your car in the package as well.


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