Monday, October 2, 2023

STORY: This is the moment a blast ripped through a gas station in Russia.

It killed dozens of people, including three children, Russia’s emergency services ministry said on Tuesday (August 15).

The fire started at an auto repair shop on the roadside of a highway in Makhachkala on Monday night and spread to the nearby filling station, officials said.

Thirteen of the wounded were children, Interfax reported, citing the Dagestani health ministry.

Images shared by the emergency services ministry showed firefighters trying to put out a colossal blaze.

It took them more than 3 hours to put the fire out which spread into an area of over 700 square yards, Russian news agency TASS said, citing a statement from the Russian emergency service.

Investigators were sent to the scene on Tuesday (August 15) to find out what had caused the disaster.


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