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 Cybercrimes include offenses including libel, slander, defamation, blackmail, defamation, fraud, and money laundering that are committed via a computer network and computer, according to a definition provided by a cybercrime attorney. The cybercrime attorney is a lawyer who specializes in these types of cases in terms of knowledge and experience, information gathering and evidence collection, handling and understanding the proper legal procedures, and proving the crime occurred in order to track down the real offender, exhaust him, and impose justice against him.

Cybercrime Lawyer

Cybercrime attorney

Due to the great acceleration in the field of technical and technological progress, the so-called virtual world or cyberspace and modern means of communication such as the Internet have appeared, so that it can be said that the world has become a small village. Since cyberspace contains all aspects of social and economic life and the entire world is in constant contact, some individuals have taken advantage of this situation to commit various cyber crimes with multiple purposes and goals.

Jordanian cybercrime lawyer

Lawyer Shaher Nofal is an expert in information systems crimes and cybercrime prosecution. He also holds a master’s degree in private law. He has defended hundreds of specialized electronic cases and has specialized legal research in this field. He also holds a specialized certificate in programming and information systems analysis, in addition to He has mastered programming in Java, object-oriented programming, and Oops. Nofal Law Firm and Arbitration specializes in prosecuting electronic crimes. We have defended more than six hundred cases of electronic crime, including extortion, hacking, defamation, and abuse by electronic means. What distinguishes us in pursuing these crimes is our deep knowledge and the many experiences that have made our office a destination for those looking for solutions to cybercrime.

Combating cybercrime

Internet crimes have recently spread, and we have dealt with many cases of this kind by the company’s lawyers who specialize in these crimes and follow them up, and all cases were successfully completed, and we were able to obtain an immediate decision to confiscate all of the offender’s devices in addition to issuing prison sentences against the perpetrators, and we can say that this is thanks to God first and thanks to the Information Systems Crimes (Computer Crimes) Department, which deals with this type of crime very professionally.

complex crimes and require expert lawyers.

The most important thing that distinguishes cybercrime is that it crosses borders, and it is not always easy to discover the perpetrator, track him down, or prove that he committed the crime. Since some of them are crimes that are committed only by people who have knowledge and experience in technology and computers, it is necessary to search for a lawyer who specializes in such cases more than The need to resort to the police directly may be unnecessary as the lawyer’s experience in dealing with such crimes may provide the necessary protection, especially since the lawyer can present the appropriate options for each case or problem separately. We will address the types of cybercrime that the specialized lawyer deals with according to his informational and practical experience, but before that, we will provide a brief statement of the characteristics of cybercrime as follows:

characteristics of cybercrime.

Cybercrime is distinguished from other crimes by several characteristics, the most important of which are:

Cybercrime is a cross-border crime.

This is because it is practiced within the information system, thus transcending geographical boundaries. With the spread of the global communication network, it was possible to connect an infinite number of computers across the world to this network, so that the victim could be in one country and the perpetrator in another.

Cybercrime is not easy to detect and prove.

It is difficult to prove the skill, professionalism, and intelligence of the cybercriminal, as it does not leave side effects to the crime, which weakens the possibility of proving it; and the electronic evidence is difficult to detect by chance and can be destroyed and erased in a short period of time compared to the evidence in tangible and tangible reality, and many experts believe that only 15% of frauds are made public, and many other crimes go undiscovered.

Cybercrime offenders with special characteristics

The information criminal is a professional because his work mostly requires overcoming computer protection techniques and expertise in information technologies; he does not resort to physical violence, although in some types of crimes he uses verbal violence; he has skill, knowledge, and a high degree of culture.

A specialized lawyer handles the same types of cybercrime that a cybercrime expert does.

In the field of cybercrime, the functions of a cybercrime lawyer are as follows:

website hacking is a crime.

It is a crime that may aim to damage and destroy data and files, and it may aim to access protected information activities, and entry without permission may aim to commit other crimes. Most countries in the world have criminalized this type of crime, including the Jordanian legislator.According to Paragraph (a) of Article Three of the Jordanian Cybercrime Law, intentionally entering the information system or the information network by any means and without authorization or in violation of the authorization, and exceeding the authorization, imprisonment for a period of not less than one week and not more than three months, or a fine of no less than (100) dinars and not more than (200), or both of these penalties, and if the entry is for the purpose of canceling, deleting, adding, destroying, creating, destroying, withholding, modifying, changing, transferring, copying data or information, or stopping or disrupting the work of an information system. Or change, cancel, or destroy a government website, modify its contents, occupy it, impersonate it, or impersonate its owner. Dinar.

dealing with the crime of electronic blackmail

Electronic extortion is an act carried out over the information network through which the aim is to obtain benefits or money from a person under the threat of exposing some of his secrets or compromising his dignity or his honor. The crime of extortion was dealt with in Article 415 of the Jordanian Penal Code after it was amended by Amended Law No. 27 of 2017, which stated the following:

  1. Whoever threatens a person to expose, divulge or report on a matter that would harm the dignity of that person or his honor or the dignity or honor of one of his relatives shall be punished by imprisonment from three months to two years and a fine of fifty dinars to two hundred dinars.
  2. Anyone who blackmails a person in order to induce him to obtain an illegal benefit for himself or for another shall be punished by imprisonment for a period of no less than three months and a fine of no less than fifty dinars and not more than two hundred dinars.
  3. The penalty shall be imprisonment for a period of two years and a fine of fifty dinars if the alleged matter is related to a traffic accident, even if it does not involve a threat or would harm the dignity of this person, his honor, or the honor of one of his relatives.
anti-extortion lawyer

A cybercrime lawyer may expose a person to blackmail via electronic means or through a messaging or social networking application, necessitating the services of an electronic extortion lawyer, and the crime of electronic blackmail is often the result of another cybercrime that came before it, which is the crime of entry without permission or unauthorized entry.This is one of the most dangerous types of cybercrime.

This type of crime is one of the most important and honorable tasks of a successful cybercrime lawyer because it is practiced against girls in particular, which leads to serious societal effects on the social and psychological level, such as emotional problems, rupture and family disintegration, and constant fear of prosecution and leaving the home, social fear, anxiety and depression, and seizures. Panic, insomnia, and may eventually lead to suicide.

And here it is necessary to search for a lawyer specializing in crimes of electronic extortion. The role of the lawyer here is to find an effective and deterrent solution at the same time; an effective solution that ends the issue of extortion and a deterrent that prevents the blackmailer from attempting to re-commit the crime; and all of this must be done in a confidential manner through the request of the Any investigative body should maintain the confidentiality of the investigation and also ensure confidentiality and privacy due to the nature of this case. It is also necessary to quickly detect the criminal and contain the material he has and deal with it in complete secrecy, which encourages many girls to abandon the fear that prevents them from practicing their usual life and its various daily activities.

Hence, resorting to a lawyer specializing in crimes of electronic extortion is the shortest way to end the problem and get rid of its effects, and that is, of course, by submitting confidential complaints against criminals of social networking sites, whether extortion through Facebook or the Messenger program, blackmail by WhatsApp, blackmail through the Instagram program, and others.

dealing with the crime of assaulting the sanctity of private life through electronic means.

Because of the importance of the sanctity of private life, it has enjoyed legal and constitutional protection in various developed countries, and the sanctity of private life for individuals is represented in its updated form by data banks, or a group of information that is processed electronically, so that these personal information banks are exposed to disclosure, deletion, survey, theft, and manipulation as well as recording calls unauthorized or illegal audio and video without the permission of the public prosecutor. In this regard, Article (5) of the Jordanian Cybercrime Law stipulates the following: Anyone who intentionally captures, intercepts, eavesdrops, obstructs, alters, or deletes contents on what is sent through the information network or any information system shall be punished with imprisonment for a period of no less than three years and not exceeding one year and a fine of no less than (200) two hundred dinars and not more than (1,000) one thousand dinars.

dealing with theft and credit card assault.

A cybercrime lawyer, which is a crime that does not occur unless the offender obtains data and information, As for the mere attempt to obtain it, it does not constitute a crime. According to Article No. (6) of the Jordanian Cybercrime Law, this image deals with everything that happened on purpose without authorization through the information network or any information system on information or evidence related to credit cards or data or information that is used in the implementation of financial or banking transactions The electronic punishment is punishable by imprisonment for a period of not less than one year and not exceeding three years and a fine of not less than 500 dinars and not more than 2,000 dinars.

dealing with the crime of promoting online prostitution.

A cybercrime lawyer is one of the acts that violate public morals and society’s values, principles, and ethics, and those who promote and publish them must be combated.Promoting prostitution is a crime stipulated by the Jordanian legislator in Article No. 10 of the Cybercrime Law, and it is punishable by imprisonment for a period of no less than six months and a fine of no less than 300 Jordanian dinars and not more than 5000 Jordanian dinars for whoever intentionally uses the information network or any information system or website that facilitates or promotes prostitution.

dealing with the crimes of defamation, slander and contempt.

And crimes of defamation, slander, and humiliation are among the most common and widespread crimes in the field of electronic crime and are used to undermine the honor, dignity, and consideration of others. on television, electronic newspapers, chat rooms, and others.

The Jordanian legislator has criminalized it in the text of Article (11) of the Jordanian Cybercrime Law, which stipulates a penalty of imprisonment for a period of no less than three months and a fine of no less than one hundred dinars and not more than two thousand dinars for whoever intentionally sends, or by re-sending, or publishing data or information through the information network, website, or any information system that degrades, slanders, or degrades any person.


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